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Distributor - Ford 351W With New Coil - REVERSE ROTATION



Pertronix Flame Thrower II Complete Billet Marine Distributor with Ignitor II Electronic Ignition      4/22/21 Now Shipping with Flamethrower Ignition Coil!!

Replacement Marine (Marine Approved SAE J1171) Complete Distributor for the Ford 351W   REVERSE ROTATION Marine RIGHT Hand Rotation (Typically found on older Correct Crafts)

Ski Boats with 70's, 80's, 90's Commander, PCM, Indmar Ford 351W engines with Prestolite, or Mallory distributors all have mechanical advance (points or elect. ign) and the small springs that control the advance mechanism eventually wear out, break, or simply rust and break. These springs are no longer available, replacing with "similar" springs may result in too much advance or too little advance. There are other manufacturers making replacement distributors but we have found this one to be the best value for the money.

If your engine is suddenly backfiring and won't accelerate you will need to place a timing light on the engine and see if the timing mark moves (advances) as the rpm increases, if it stays in place and does not advance with increased RPM your distributor is NOT advancing, further investigation will most likely reveal broken advance springs below the points base plate. Given the hours that most of the these engines now have on them the bearings are also going to be worn so we recommend simply replacing the whole distributor.

DOES NOT FIT FORD 289/302 ENGINES!!!!  The 302 has a slightly smaller hole (1.500") the 351 is approx. 1.560" hole

Ignition Coil use:   MET-0040  4/22/21 Now INCLUDED with Distributor purchase

 Plug Wire Set use:  MET-0065

BEWARE of reverse gears on the aftermarket that are only drilled half-way, our engines need the drive gear roll pin through the entire gear/shaft!!!

YouTube Video Ski Boat (Ford) Distributor Replacement

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Distributor - Ford 351W With New Coil - REVERSE ROTATION

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